Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time with friends & family in the States

  As you know, we have had some time with friends and family in the States this past month.  It has been such an uplifting time as we shared our passion of working with our girls and kids in Romania with you all!  We have less than one week left and although we are looking forward to being back with our girls, we will miss you all.
  Here we are, Skyping with our girls!!
Look at how beautiful they all are!
And of course, we always have a little fun!  We miss these laughs!!
  In the beginning, being back in the States was a very overwhelming and emotional time for us.  But as each week went on, we have felt so blessed by each person that has encouraged us with words or gifts and those that have prayed over us.  Thank you! 
We met with our CCC family team that will be visiting us in Romania in May 2013!
Sharing with our Suncrest family!
  As we have met many new church family and partners, we wanted to add our contact information.  We are both on Facebook, so you can look us up at Josh Essman & Melissa Essman.  We also have a Facebook group, Our Partners in Christ for Romania.  You can check out Heart2Heart International Ministries at www.h2hint.org and you can reach Josh and I via e-mail at essman@h2hint.org. 
  -We are so blessed to have had this time with friends and family.
  -We have had some free time to relax a bit and spend some time together.
  -We have had the privilege to do some Christmas shopping for our girls.
  -We have been so blessed by all the encouragement and gifts we received.
  -Romanian language as we return to life with our girls and kids.
  -For our girls' hearts to continually be softened by God's love and their desire to know Him more.
  -That our relationships with our girls will run deep as we share God's love with them.
  -That Josh and I will continue to surrender our lives to Him and listen to His leading each day.

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  1. It was so good to see you two :) I love these pix you post... especially with your girls... I can see the love of Jesus shining! We'll continue to pray for you all. Please tell the girls they have family in the states praying for them too :) hugs n kisses for all! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Jim & Linda