Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Exciment of Christmas and the New Year

      As we return from the states and begin to settle into life in Romania once more, we were quickly reminded of just how exciting this time of year!  From making cookies to opening presents to fireworks galore the Holidays here in Romania are filled with excitement and potentially lots of calories!  So here is what our Holidays looked like!

 Homemade cookies to share with everyone; and some for ourselves!
Hand decorated!  Can't find a more unique cookie the the GTH cookies!

The Girls even put on a skit at church.  It was about what Christmas means and to whom we celebrate!  We were even able to get in on the action!
Cold and alone is not the way to celebrate Christmas!
 Jesus is the reason for the season!  Amen!
 We love because He first loved us!

We also got to celebrate Christmas with Steffy and Marin.  It was interesting to watch them open their presents.  They were very hesitant and felt like they did not deserve them.  What a great example of how we should be as we receive, daily, the present we don't deserve!

 They said that this day was probably the best day of their lives because they spent Christmas with a family.
He was literally at a loss for words.

 So then the big day came, Christmas Day!!!
It started out with some Christmas Caroling!
Then we read The Christmas Story from Luke 2!
 Oh man!  Look at all those presents!!

 Opening their stockings!  The girls thought that was all they were getting for Christmas! 
 Ionela really likes crazy socks!
Excited to see what she got!  Earrings and a necklace!
 Claudia could not stop smiling, especially about her pink watch! 
 Ioana's "normal" face when she is excited.  Showing off her new bag!
 Ana really loves her new cooler bag!
 I think at this point Ionela went into a state of pure bliss when she opened her blanket!
I believe her face stuck like that for about two days after Christmas!
 "Exactly what I have been wanting and needing"!
All the girls sporting their new cooler bags with their initials embroidered  in them!

 Thanks for the new body wash!  You know who you are!
We love our new watches and house shoes!

We also celebrate Christmas at Pipera with presents from Heart to Heart! All of the boys and girls were there! It was full of socks, pajamas, tools and laughter!
 Here we are looking all snazzy!
A Merry Christmas it was indeed! 

Romanians love Christmas lights!  These lined the main roads that went towards downtown!
 There was music, dancing and fun to be had!

 Can we go ice skating PLEASE! This rink was way to crowded for us!
 All of us in the city!
 The giant Christmas tree of lights and us!

After Christmas came The New Year and with that more celebrating, fireworks and ice skating!  It was a great time to spend some personal time with our girls!  We also had a team here so they got to experience what a Romanian new year truly is!

 Taking a break from the dancing for a photo op!
 Decorated and ready to go!

 Keep your balance!
 Taking a break!  This ice skating is hard work!

 Group photo! Hurry before someone falls!

I Got the hang of it now!

 Not quite figured it out yet!
 Now she's got it!
 Playing games on the ice!

 We even got to spend a little time together!

Left her in the dust!

A month filled with non-stop smiles is a month filled with blessing from above!  Although it went extremely fast, it was so much fun to see our kids grow up in an environment where they can be a normal kid!  Where presents, cookies and laughter are plentiful and love is never ending!  Thank you for making their Christmas memorable!

Prayer requests:
-That our girls can continue to grow and learn about how to be responsible and confident women of Christ as they press on into their jobs/classes/lives.
-That Ionela can continue to seek after the right decision and follow Christ and learn to be loved!
-That Missy and I can continually be renewed in spirit and in strength to serve our girls with all of our heart!
-That those who read this be healthy, loving and be the hands and feet of Christ no matter where you are!


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  2. How beautiful! God has surely fitted you two for the work He has called you to. :) Tell the kids that their "Aunt" Linda is praying for them and sends love & hugs for them. :) His blessings to all!

  3. Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!