Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving thanks in all circumstances

  Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you all had a good day with friends and family and great food!!
  This last month has been very exciting.  As you know, we became instant parents to seven "teenage" girls and have been getting into our routine of classes, school and work.
  We had a little Halloween party, the girls celebrated Thanksgiving with the staff and before Josh and I left for the States, we decorated for Christmas.  We have been in the States now for almost one week and are having a great time visiting friends and family, although, we do miss our girls!  Here are a couple of shots we took before we came back to America...
  We ask for your prayers in making the correct decisions as one of our girls left the program and is wanting to come back.  We pray that she truly knows what a great opportunity God has provided for her and the others and that if she does come back that things may be a bit easier for her as well as the rest of us.
  As I said, we are now in the States until December 16th.  We are in NC and will be visiting both IL and IN throughout our time here.  We are truly enjoying our time back so far and are looking forward to the rest of our time.  
 We can't help but look back on this year and know that we are right where God has called us.  Please pray for travel mercies and safety as we are here.  For continued guidance and wisdom from God in all decisions we make with our girls and for the other staff that are with the girls during this time that we are away.   We are so thankful for all of your encouragement, partnerships and support both prayerfully and financially.  We also hope that you all have a blessed holiday season and never forget to whom we are thankful.

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