Monday, October 15, 2012

First Week as House Parents

Meet our 7 girls and the 4 boys that are in our ATH program.
Love this one!  It really does capture their personalities!
  It has been a great experience for Josh and I so far as "house parents" to 7 teen/young adult girls.  It has been awesome to give these girls a home and a loving family experience.  At the same time, it has been eye opening in so many ways.  One of the biggest things is how the little things we do or say go a long way.  An example is when one of the girls was not feeling well.  We gave her medicine, made her comfortable and checked up on her later to see how she was feeling.  They have never had a mom take care of them when they were sick.  Another example is when three of them were going away for the day, we made lunches for them and wrote a little note on their sandwich bags.  Because they are older and know how to communicate how they feel, we have heard how these specific situations have touched them.  These little things were ways our moms showed us they loved and cared for us.  We hope to continue to share more moments like these with all of our girls throughout their time in our program.  
  As you can see, we have had our hands full but we have had a lot of fun with them as well.  Let me introduce them to you...
Ioana -  She is 20 years old and came from Peris.  She likes to dance, sing, do hair and nails and laughs a lot.  She is wanting to work in a salon.  Last year she completed a hair and nail course and is expected to get an intern-type position at a salon very soon.  She is a hard worker, an encourager and is so excited now that she and her sister are together.
 Claudia -  She is our youngest at 18 years old and also came from Peris.  She likes to play soccer, listen to music and always has a smile on her face.  She is wanting to complete high school, take the BAC (an intense exam she will have to pass in order to get into college), and go on to college.  Last year she completed a course for being a waitress.  She will be taking a computer course and studying for the BAC.  She is a great help when someone does not understand something in Bible study.
 Alina -  She is 21 years old, Ioana's sister and came from Voluntari.  She likes to dance and do nails.  She will be completing her last year of college and is wanting to take a nail course.  She is a great cook, loves to shop and is happy to be with her sister.
 Flori -  She is 20 years old and came from Rosiori.  She also likes to do nails and enjoys a good conversation.  She is taking a course to waitress and has just started her intern-type position at a Japanese restaurant.  She is loving it so far!  She has a very open personality and works well with the other girls.
 Ionela -  She is 20 years old and is also from Rosiori.  She is our silly one.  She loves to laugh, make jokes and sing.  She is wanting to take a course on how to do hair and work in a salon.  She is a great help in the kitchen and is always willing to help where needed.  She is eternally hungry and tired and is always ready for bed at 8pm.
Elena -  She is our oldest at 22 years old and came from Rosiori.  She is really quiet and such a sweetheart.  She likes to draw and cook.  She will be taking a cooking course and will also have an intern-type position at a restaurant.  She is a big helper and a hard worker.
 Maria - She is 19 years old and also came from Rosiori.  She is very inquisitive and likes to clean.  She is wanting to work in a restaurant as a cook.  She will also be taking a cooking course and getting an intern-type position at a restaurant.  She is honest and enjoys an early morning run.

- The transition program has started so well!
- Our communication with each other has improved and our relationship has grown stronger
- Our Romanian language has grown drastically this week from having the girls with us
- All of the support that we have received, from here in Romania and you all back in the States.  This program would not be possible without your willingness to serve physically, prayerfully and financially.  Thank you all!

Prayer Requests
- That we may continue to find time together to date
- The patience and words needed in frustrating situations, that the girls may learn through rough times
- Wisdom in preparing our lessons whether it is English, Bible study, budgeting, computers, etc.


  1. What an incredible place your are in to be such an awesome example of Christs love to these kids! Thanks for blogging so that we can share in it with you. I'm praying for your prayer requests and so thankful for you guys. Your sacrifice and dedication are so inspiring!

  2. Beautiful girls! What an awesome thing you are doing. This is such a scary time/age transitioning into adulthood. What an awesome thing to be given the guidance and support they need to grow wings and fly on their own.