Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun!

Yes, it has been a good while since our last blog update.
A lot has happened...
  We had our church family here serving along side of us, GTH/BTH/ATH graduation, all of our girls have moved out of the house and have found jobs, our dear friend and colleague Kirsteen left H2H,  other teams have come and gone and summer camps have finished, Ioana's wedding quickly approached, we took a short tour through Romania and Elena was baptized!  I hope I haven't missed anything.  : )
  CCC Team.  It was such a blessing to have our church family here to meet our kids and experience God working here in Romania.  They met and loved on our little ones at Voluntari, played hard with our kids at Peris and spent special time with our girls. 
Team members and interns with kids at Peris

Dianna, Josh's mom, with Alexandra at Voluntari
April with Vlad at Voluntari
Shelley with kids at Voluntari
Todd with Costica at Voluntari

Staff with CCC team and summer interns
  The girls moved out...  They were both excited and nervous about being out on their own.  Excited to be with others close in the city, start jobs and make some money.  But nervous about problems that will arise and working late into the night hours.  They are doing very well though!
  Our friend and colleague moved back to Scotland to be with her parents.  She had just arrived in Romania on staff when we were on our internship with Heart2Heart.  I, Missy, worked very closely with her these last years helping in her music classes.  We know this was a difficult decision for her but we are so grateful for the time getting to know her.  We are truly blessed by her friendship!  Please keep her in your prayers as she is still adjusting to life back home and getting settled in with finding a job.
Kirsteen and I her last Sunday at church
Josh with Maria from Voluntari
  Summer camps went smoothly and very very quickly this summer!  We used the Kingdom Rock Curriculum.  It was a blast teaching about how we can use the Bible to be strong in Him using the interactive lessons!
Josh with his buddy Alberto coloring
Team acting out Daniel in the Lion's Den
Josh with kiddos from Voluntari

Me with George at Voluntari
Playing games at Voluntari

Me with Gabi
Josh tickling Alberto
Me helping Gabi do his craft

Josh and Corny acting out the skit for Kingdom Rock

Again, acting out skit

Me teaching at my Imagination station

  Teen camps were a blast too!  We gave our testimonies and related them to the stories of Abraham.  We even had the privilege to help with teen camp in Rosiori de Vede this summer.  This was our first time staying in Rosiori and spending more time with the kids there. 

Josh playing a game with Isabella

Singing songs with the teens in Rosiori
Josh giving his testimony

Bogdan playing one of the "silent library" games
Isa also playing the "silent library" game

An intense game of dodge ball
Me teaching on Abraham

Rosiori teens ready for an obstacle course
Playing soccer

Playing more games
Josh with his buddies from Peris
Teen camp with Peris teens
Playing a version of ultimate frisbee but with a football and basketball hoops
Playing partner soccer with a giant ball

 And of course, we had many pool parties with all of the kids from each orphanage.  We had fun in the sun!

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