Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer is coming

  With these last two weeks of non-stop rain and the anxiousness of summer vacation approaching, the kids have been...energized.  It is a difficult time for the older kids we are mentoring, as they see the end of their time at the orphanage coming quickly.  They are trying to figure out where they will be living for the months up until our transition programs start in October, trying to find jobs, the BAC test is coming up again (it is like our SAT, they have to pass this massive test in order to get into college), and trying to make responsible decisions for their lives.  Please keep these older kids in your prayers and that God will direct us to the appropriate answers for upcoming situations.
  Both Josh and I love our time with our little ones as well.  We both help each week with Gredinița.  These are the toddlers up to Kindergarten aged children.  I have helped with preparing lessons, translating stories, finding crafts to use, preparing activities and games, etc.  I have loved helping in this area as I feel it is one of my gifts.  When Josh and I started here our group size was 8 kids, then it grew shortly after we came to 10 kids, now we have 14 and by the end of this summer we will have another 10 more added!  Our youngest so far is Maria, she is 2 years old, but she talks more than some of the other older kids and is capable of so much.  She is Josh's little bug.  : )
Josh & Maria.
  Here are a few photos of the little ones; we were drawing together.
Brothers, Inouț & Amendor.
Little Maria.
Alberto, brother of Ionuț & Amendor.
Sisters Maria & Antonia.
  I am still helping with the music classes and are enjoying them all.  For our youngest class, I was asked to prepare several weeks worth of crafts to make musical instruments.  It has been a blast!  The kids have really gotten into it and after they have made them, they like to play along with music.  It is great.  : )  Here are a few snapshots.
Me helping Vali make his musical wind chime.
L to R: Diana, Robi & Florin in background.
L to R: Robi, Diana, Vali & Florin with their drums, wind chimes, maracas & rain sticks.
  Josh has continued to help teach the teenagers at youth group.  He recently taught that God gives everyone different gifts and that it is our job to accept these gifts and use them.  They read from Matthew 25 and Romans 12 and had a demonstration with fire!  Josh told the kids, if they had a match but did not know what it was or how to use it, it was useless.  But if you know how to use it you know it can give you warmth, light and help you lite a cigarette (as one of the kids said).  He has done such a great job translating his lessons into Romanian and teaching in their language.  Here is a look into youth group.
Listening to someone's response about a question.
Florin reading the passage from Matthew.
Josh's demonstration with fire...ok, it wasn't a big fire!  : )
 To say the least we are busy but loving it!

- The gifts that God has given each of us to work together and teach these kids more about Him.
-  Our relationships we have with our kids.  They have begun to open up more and it has been awesome to share God's Word with them and see them grow closer to Him.
- The rest and rejuvenation we have gotten this past month.
- His daily guidance and presence in our lives.

Prayer Requests:
- My grandma and family just lost a wonderful Godly man.  Please keep her and the families in your prayers.  He is in such a better place now.
- My sister-in-law will be traveling to Haiti 5 months pregnant.  May God continue to hold them close and be used by Him.
- Please pray that we may stay healthy and get enough rest as our days will be longer with summer camps.
- For Lenuta as she is still getting used to being in London (for schooling), away from her family, friends and kids (at the orphanages).
- Pray also for God's coverage over us as times are stressful.  That we all may be able to continue to work as a team and put others first.


  1. Um, yes, could you please package those adorable wee ones and ship them to my house? They are so sweet!
    I will be sending a package to you (H2H)very soon. Close to two THOUSAND paper plates for crafting, yes you read that right, and some random crafting suppplies. Might be a couple of packages actually.
    Sending love,

  2. They are so sweet! : ) I will try to keep up with pictures of them.
    That is awesome about the paper plates!!! We will be so excited to get them and the craft supplies. Thank you for getting some things together and sending them.
    Love ya.