Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Season for Everything

  As the weather is getting warmer, the snow is melting, and as we are beginning our busy season, my culture shock is still affecting me.  When we first moved here to Romania, everything was new and exciting, even learning the language.  But as time has gone on, I love the culture one day then dislike certain things about the culture the next day.  If I had not been in the Missions program at Lincoln Christian University, I don't think I would have known what these feelings were.
  With the language learning, I feel as if I have begun to plateau and that I can't take in anymore information.  Although I have been feeling this way I have continued to surprise myself as to what I have learned and how even now things are 'clicking' in my head!  Praise God that He has given us the perseverance to learn this new language and the strength to continue.  I know that when language lessons are done, and we begin our ministries, I will continue to learn so much and will make many mistakes but learn from them.  We will be completing language at the end of this month!  Pray that we will continue to open our minds and soak it in.
  As we have been here for nearly 6 months already, we have had some time to explore and rest from language and helping in the ministries.  We went unexpectedly to the mall to spend some needed time together, we went to Predeal and hiked up and down mountainside with friends, and we have been going for walks near where we live.  Here are a few pictures as to what we have done.
On top of the mountain with our friends, Cristi & Amy.

Look the beautiful view!
It was a bit sunny.  : )

We walked all the way across the frozen lake!

  We had our first team of the season and we had a good time visiting the orphanages with them.  The baby hospital has still been under quarantine, it has now been almost 2 months.  They have passed around sickness and the chicken pox.  We hope to get back in there soon! 
  It was fun to see what they had planned to do with the kids and to see how involved the kids got into the projects.  It was a small group of 5 people and it was exciting to be able to do some basic translating for them and the kids.  They had prepared crafts for Marțișor, a holiday celebrated the first week of March.  They celebrate the 1st for the coming of spring.  They sell little flowers that begin to bloom up from the snow and little charms with red and white string braided together.  On March 8th they celebrate Zuiă de Femei, like Woman's Day or Mother's Day but all women are celebrated not just mothers.  It was nice to get little cards and charms from the kids.  I was totally not expecting to receive anything and was so thankful to see they appreciate me.  : )
  Here are a few pictures of us hanging out with the kids. 
Playing cards with Alex.

Playing cards with Doru...isn't he a cutie!

Josh with Elvis!

Playing cards with Gabi.

Josh with one of his silly boys at Voluntari!

Helping to make bracelets.

  A week or so ago, Josh was teaching youth group at Voluntari about being fully committed to God using the visual of, "are you a chicken or a pig"?  Chickens lay eggs to eat but pigs have to die in order to have food.  He did the same lesson at Periș but the kids at Voluntari really got into it and started asking questions about how to hear God.  Josh was able to give part of his testimony this night also.  It was awesome to see the kids get so into it!
  Another BIG accomplishment for Josh was when we went out to the boy's transition house and he taught them all in Romanian about how to make a budget and the difference between a need and a want.  He and Ramona (a Romanian missionary with H2H) put together a lesson for the boy's to learn more about handling their money once they start a job after the program.  Josh really has a passion to help the transition kids and graduates with this and with providing them knowledge and helpful ways to better their abilities with having a hold of their money and where it is going.  One big issue that we have with our graduates is that they love to borrow money from one another or from others, therefore not having enough to pay rent, etc.  Josh is hoping that by continuing to talk with them about this, they will not have this problem.  As Josh says, "The borrower is slave to the lender".  Here are a few shots of him in action...
What is a need and a want?

The boys all working out a budget.

Talking about taxes and fees if lending money from a bank.

Writing a budget.


- For all of our partners, we would not be here without YOU!
- Our fun times with friends & relationships we have made!
- The special moments and relationships we have with the kids!
- God provision and greatness is revealed more and more everyday!
- For God's hand in keeping us healthy these last couple of months!
- That we will complete 6 months of language learning at the end of this month!
- My sister-in-law is pregnant & we will be home shortly after the baby will be born!

Prayer Requests:
- That we will continue to put God above all things and find rest and joy in Him
- For the babies/kids, continued health and safety and that the kids may continue to make good decisions
- For the spiritual growth of our kids and that we will be listening to God's guidance with this
- Continued strength to finish language learning strong
- The future as far as our ministry plans
- For H2H, that we continue to make wise decisions as an organization


  1. So great to hear that you had some time togwther. What an exciting and challenging place of life right now. I enjoyed reading your updates and knowing how to pray for you guys. God bless you guys. Stay the course! Eyes on the prize!

  2. I love looking at your pics! So proud of you two!
    Mike Nichols